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Comment: Monsanto seeds are grown organically

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Monsanto seeds are grown organically

Organic has NOTHING to do with seed GM or heirloom. HEIRLOOM seeds and wild seed are the only seed I know that are not GM. As for out producing GM, I don't see it. I see plenty of GM grown organically and why organic prices are becoming competitive and even cheaper than industrial crops.

I don't believe Ron Paul "hates Monsanto". I would think Ron Paul would HATE government protecting Monsanto from any and all injury Monsanto, or Bechtel (Water) or Haliburton (Water, oil, mining) or Kelloggs, Pillsbury, Quaker, Sunkist, Nestles, Gallo any large global corporation that employs troops that wipe out the little people to feed armies. But there's allot of good things Monsanto and ALL these corporations do, and they would not exist if not for the BILLIONS of consumers that back them no matter how many farmers committ suicide, or troops slaughter.

We are going to have to agree to disagree about Monsanto being the cause of mass famine.

The fact remain, Monsanto has changed the way the world eats and what the world eats. There are probably 7 billion people on Earth because of Monsanto.

Peace be with you.