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I used the actual percentages

I used the actual percentages from the preferential vote to come up with the proportional delegate allocation in those states or territories that work this way and on winner take all states I gave the delegates to whoever won. Of course this is not the reality in states whose delegates are unbound and in those states whose delegates are bound for 1 or 2 ballots at the national convention. In these states Ron Paul will have more delegates than the popular vote would suggest, especially if more than one ballot is needed to elect the candidate. (A more than likely situation.)
So here are th #s again assuming Ron Paul doubled his numbers on unbound caucus states :
Rom 432 San 242 Gin 166 Pau 162
Now Romney vs. the rest of the field is this: 432-570
A totally different race than the fakestream media is presenting. And that’s not all if we take into account states that are bound for one ballot then a 2nd round (counting only the contests thus far would look like this:
Rom 427 San 239 Gin 154 Pau 206
Notice how delegates migrate from the other candidates to Paul’s camp as they are released by their respective state’s rules.
Here’s 2 links to sites I used to calculate this #s.

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