Comment: Do you really want to pay-off the US DEBT?

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Do you really want to pay-off the US DEBT?

How would you like to totally pay off the National Debt without costing the American People one penny?

How would you like to pay-off the entire US DEBT TO CHINA in the process?

How would you like to see the Social Security System have a total of $2.6 Trillion Dollars Cash in a separate Bank Account?

How would you like to abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and never pay Income Taxes Again?

I know you think I am crazy. But, everything I am saying is very simple and very easy to do. All we need is do is vote for a President who really cares about America and the American people.

Remember one thing during this entire post; KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE MONEY SUPPLY.

If the money supply goes up you create INFLATION and Consumer Prices will increase.

If the money supply goes down you create DEFLATION and Consumer Prices will decrease.

If the money supply remains CONSTANT. Consumer Prices tend to trend lower.

1) First we must abolish the Federal Reserve that was established in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson.

2) Then we can abolish the Internal Revenue Service established in 1913 along with the Federal Reserve, which serves as the collection arm of the Federal Reserve to pay itself an Annual Interest Payment for money we borrowed from ourselves.

3) Then we must take “fractional reserve banking system” away from all banks and make them go back to a “100% reserve banking system”.

4) Presently the Federal Reserve allows all banks to legally print $10 new Dollars for every dollar they hold on deposit (this is really counterfeiting). This increases bank profits and the Money Supply by a factor of tenfold for every new dollar printed by the Treasury Department causing Inflation.

5) This year the Federal Government will borrow and print $1.5 Trillion Dollars from the Federal Reserve.

Eventually this money ends up deposited in a bank. The Banks just like a magician are allowed to take that $1.5 Trillion Dollars and turn it into $15 Trillion Dollars, this will Increase the Money Supply by total of $15 Trillion Dollars causing even more INFLATION.

Wait a minute!!! That is the same amount we need to pay off the entire Federal National Debt?

We must take “Fractional Reserve Banking System” away from the banks and force them to use “100 % Reserve Banking System", so we can totally pay off the entire National Debt.

Then tell the Treasury Department to print up $15 Trillion Dollars of non-interest bearing Treasury notes (dollars) and buy back all the Interest bearing Bonds (Our Total National Debt).

This will not increase the Money Supply by even one penny because we will destroy all the interest bearing Bonds purchased. We merely are exchanging $15 trillion dollars for bonds worth $15 trillion dollars.

WOW.. We just paid off the entire $15 trillion dollar National Debt by printing non-bearing interest Treasury notes (dollars) and did not cost the American people one penny and did not increase the Money Supply.

We totally eliminated the National Debt, eliminated annual interest payments on the National Debt, eliminated paying Federal Income Taxes and created a real positive Social Security Trust Fund surplus of $2.6 Trillion dollar.

Every time I go through these calculations I keep thinking of new benefits.

Here are some National Debt Facts:

• Social Security trust fund is $2.6 Trillion Dollars in the black (IOU’s).
• Social Security trust fund in 2010 ran a $68 Billion Dollar surplus.
• Only $1.2 Trillion Dollars is owed to China and this will automatically be paid-off too.
• $10 Trillion Dollars is owed to American people.

When we pay-off the National Debt as I have suggested we automatically create a Positive Social Security Trust Fund of $2.6 trillion dollars and I suggest we place this money in a separate Trust Fund outside the reach of congress.

The American people are forced by the IRS, the collection arm of the Federal Reserve, to pay personal Income Taxes to the Federal Reserve, who has absolutely nothing invested, about $400 Billion Dollars interest on the National Debt every year.

I should point out if interest rates start rising because of Hyper-Inflation like back in the 1980s and that’s exactly what the Price of Gold is telling us right now. This interest we are paying on the National Debt could easily grow to an amount larger than the total Federal Gross Income tax receipts collected by the IRS.

This Bank System we have in America is really a "Partnership between the Federal Reserve (a private company) and the Federal Government". This sweetheart deal was underhandedly passed into law by Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and has been called into question many times.

The US Federal Government has allowed the Federal Reserve to legally rob the American People out of more than $150 Trillion Dollars since its inception in 1913.

In 1902, Woodrow Wilson was appointed President of Princeton University serving until 1910. Then in 1911, Wilson was elected as the Governor of New Jersey. He served until 1913 when he became President. Woodrow Wilson then pushed the Federal Reserve law through congress as payment to the Wealthy International Bankers who privately own the Federal Reserve Banking System for helping him get elected as President in 1913.

We must force all the American Banks to go back to a Fair Banking System of “one hundred percent reserve banking system” or the banks will absolutely end up will all of our money.

When you have a Central Banking System such as the Federal Reserve it likens me to Eight Guys Playing a game of poker and the House-man who has nothing invested in the game takes a rake-off of every hand played. If the game continues long enough at some point the House-man has all the money and the players will end up broke.

Do you truly understand what is going to happen when the Feds are forced to start increasing the interest rates to stop the coming Hyper-Inflation they have created by counterfeiting our money in the amount of $150 trillion Dollars?

Back in the 1980s Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker was forced to increase Interest rates because of run-away inflation during the Carter Administration and the Interest rates jump to around 20%. If that was to happen now we could easily see the Annual Interest Payment on our National Debt jump to around $2.8 Trillion Dollars a year. That my friend does not include the projected Annual Budget short fall of another $1.6 Trillion Dollars.

This will not fix itself and must be stopped quickly as we are running out of time very fast.

This is exactly why the Price of Gold has increased from $300/oz. to $1,800/oz., a six fold increase. Gold is trying to tell everyone something but no one is listening as usual?

We could easily end up paying more annual interest on the National Debt than the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects in annual gross Income Tax receipts for Payment to the Federal Reserve?

This is why we must do exactly like I am suggesting in this post or Face Absolute Total National Bankruptcy and without a doubt a humongous National Disaster.

Can you just imagine living without Medicare, no Social Security Pension, no retirement pensions, living on the street, no money to buy food, people armed and fighting in the Streets trying to steal anything and everything in sight.

Please copy and post if you like this idea.

Vote for RON PAUL in 2012 as a third party Candidate because he is the the only one we can trust and he truly understands the problem with the Federal Reserve System.


Harry Dingey