Comment: Here is how to create 13.68 million JOBS in the USA over night..

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Here is how to create 13.68 million JOBS in the USA over night..

I retired after working thirty years as an Industrial Engineer at Rockwell International in Newark, Ohio.

So, please trust me, these are Real International Trade numbers to back up everything I am saying.

Did you know that America can create 13.68 Million good paying Jobs almost overnight by Pulling out of NAFTA and the WTO right now?

But, most of our American Politicians are in the pocket of the Globalist and they will never let that happen without a bitter fight.

Here is how to create 13.68 million jobs in the United States almost overnight:

“Based on the U.S.Department of Commerce estimates that 22,800 jobs are created for every $1 billion in merchandise produced for Import or Export.”

Go to the following location to check out this statement if you like.


Total USA Imports in 2011 = $ 1,900 billion.

$ 1,900 billion X 22,800 = 43.320 million jobs lost to Imports from China, India, Japan & Mexico.


Total USA Exports in 2011 = $ 1,300 billion.

$ 1,300 billion X 22,800 = 29.640 million jobs created from Exports.


If USA Pulls out of NAFTA and the WTO right now here is what the numbers say:

USA could possibly lose 29.640 million Jobs from EXPORTS.

However, I am sure many countries will still import some items from the USA because they are not available in other countries. That would of course create even more JOBS gained than I have estimated.

The USA would absolutely create 43.320 million Jobs by closing the doors to NAFTA and the WTO and producing these items in the USA.

So, 43.320 minus 29.640 = 13.68 million NET JOBS Absolutely GAINED.

The Manufacturing JOB LOSS is increasing each and every year. I calculated this JOB LOSS in 2006 at 10 million JOBS LOST in 2006.

My calculation means an ABSOLUTELY net gain of 13.68 million Jobs gained if the rest of the world did not buy one single penny of USA EXPORTS.

BY: Harry Dingey

VOTE FOR RON PAUL IN 2012 as a THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE because that is exactly where we are headed.

RON PAUL is the only one we can TRUST and BELIEVE in to SAVE AMERICA....

Harry Dingey