Comment: GMO's can not be organic

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GMO's can not be organic

They have started with pesticide coating that protects the seed from insects.

what I call organic is NO PESTICIDES NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS OR ORGANIC FERTILIZERS THAT COMES OUT OF A BIN AT THE LOCAL CO-OP. These all pollute the land and rivers. Do you know approximately 25% of the nitrogen applied become calcified and can not be used by any plant. This is pollution because it ends in the rivers eventually. GMO crops can not grow without polluting the land.

What I am talking about will restore the land back to 19th century quality where their were a lot of bacteria in the soil that broke down organic matter. All the crop residue left after harvest should break down within weeks not months or years like now. This bacteria will even break down rocks and anything that has calcified. when water runs off into the rivers it will be free of all pollution. When you clean up the land the rivers will clean up and all the wildlife will flourish.

your knowledge about life, is what you have experienced in life so far, as we all. So that makes you ignorant on the subject, I have grown crops with now pesticides or chemical fertilizer as an experiment last summer. My main crop was watermelon, all I used was a weekly drench of worm casting tea. It worked quite well, got some ripe melons that were pretty good. This year I will try soy-beans to prove to the local farmers I can out produce them on the cheap.

Since Monsanto has wiped out my bee population I will also grow lots of Organic vegetable for sale locally. I usually sell out every day no matter what I put out. It is time to start educating people they don't need poison to grow a garden or corn. My signs with say 100% organic no GMO's.

I hope you will enjoy eating your gmo's, maybe you will no longer have to take antibiotics because they are built in as genetic markers. But I think that is where you can get resistance to antibiotics and It no longer works on a simple ear infection. That's right the chicken farmers of Arkansas and Tennessee are having auto immune problems because they feed GMO's to there chickens. It seems they are in too close proximity to the feeds and manure.

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