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Organic farming can out produce

all types of commercial farming and on the cheap, No chemicals to buy, no fertilizer, and no nitrogen.

If your referring to Dr.Elaine Ingham as some person on youtube that doesn't know any thing. She know much more than the closed minded idiots in Monsanto that are poisoning the population. By your comments you didn't check who she is. She has only stuck her whole life into this. She was a professor at a University in Oregon, and is now conducting studies for the government all over the USA. She has proven it is possible for organics to out produce conventional farmers. But here is exactly the problem so many people are brain washed by big business and big government that can not see the truth.

Monsanto will loose Billions if this ever get out, so do you think they will ever give a straight answer

Here is another place for you to get info on organics, here you will see DR. Ingham is not just a splash in the pan.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed