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evolutionary purpose?

evolution happens despite purpose.

I would have agreed with you as for the Church until I read the Catechism and embarked an a global language I never knew existed, though it has exosted for eons.

If what you were saying that it is not worthy of study was true, we would not have Universities (Cathiolic means Universal) such as Tulane, Notre Dame, Loyola... and while many non-Catholics attends these Universities, it is a fact that those who have studied the Catechism, sit in the same class, and get far more out of it... they have a grail/brail, the others do not, either by ignorance, because they do not know it exists, or by choice, becasue they think they know better. They don't. It would be laughable to a "man of the world", but suicide (foolish at least) to those who know it is the key to the Matrix.