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Win Ron Win * Cyber Rally

Hi tog2476,

We Go VIRAL by:

  1. Getting invited to go to a sales site (ours).
  2. Open an account (press Sign Up button) and:
    a. Use whatever name wanted (legal) and 4Freedom.
    b. Use that as our Username & Domain Name.
  3. Invite others to go to our domain name and open an account following this precise Naming Pattern.

An easy and POWERFUL way we can show our UNITED STRENGTH is to SIGN any/all of our social media shares/status-updates/posts with; our 4Freedom domain name.

This "routine" takes only minutes to create, and a few extra seconds during our sharing, status-updates, posts on whatever social media we are operating in (blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, whatever).


With this extra monthly income we are all generating more and more of as our networks grow... we can afford all that is necessary to get Ron Paul nominated/elected president as well as Unify and Strengthen the R3VOLUTION.

The subject I placed here really sums up my plan very simply.

We do have a lot of power at our fingertips. We can Go Viral in a "united" fashion. And we can be PAID monthly.

As soon as anyone opens an account via MY domain name...

The domain name they've created is immediately activated to go to a company sales site... that WORKS FOR the person that OWNS that domain name.

I am simply recommending we create our domain names in a way that will show our UNITED STRENGTH.



Keeping Liberty and Our Fight for it Fun and Enriching!