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Going one further

I agree SuperHarry, we really need to have the ability to spread the message through our emails, letters, and personal conversations. Those links would help us do that through email; however, the problem with email is it can be easily ignored. While Dr. Paul's message is appealing to all right thinking individuals it is especially appealing to the conservatives who are forced to vote republican for lack of a better option.

We need to contact the editor of Human Events, Chronicles, The New Republic, The Economist. and make the persuasive case as voters and fellow right-thinking individuals that Ron Paul is the real deal and they need to acknowledge him as such and give him some ink. I have written to Buchannan and to Drudge, neither has responded. Drudge hasn't even put up a link about Ron Paul, but that shows you his brand of conservatism. Drudge's obstanance aside there are a lot of bloggers and columnists who just don't know how good Ron Paul is on the issues that matter. By putting up links and contact information, especially snail mail, we can besiege them with a mass of intelligent and pointed arguments for Ron Paul, all written in different hands with different perspecitives on why we actually beleive in this candidate. I think this is particularily effective when we can point to things the writters or editors have written and how Ron Paul embodies those shared princples. I cannot imagine any of the above mentioned or Lou Dobbs, or Dr. Dobson, ignoring thousands of letters that are not boiler plate forms, but actual letters from actual people touting the merits of Ron Paul.

Organizing that sort of campaign around the country and providing us with the easily accessiable means to do that could and will pay off for the campaign. That is my humble suggesion, but in the least follow superHarry.

I also apologize for any typos or grammatical errors, I must work and therefore cannot proofread as I should.