Comment: That was the single greatest

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That was the single greatest

That was the single greatest exchange in any interview of this campaign.

Did anyone else notice the graphic in the background of Ron Paul surrounded by falling money? I can't believe with the sponsors that Mitt Romney has, and Obama supposedly raking in $750 million from "private donations", that they have the gall to suggest that Ron is just taking advantage of his supporters and stealing their money. Its ridiculous, but of course, expected. They blew their propaganda piece by giving Jesse that opening to rip that Jimmy Fallon clone a new one.

Also, love the attitude Ron and his campaign have in these interviews lately, laughing that the reporters for the joke that they are. When they cut to break on Benton, he was half polite and half "yeah sure, not surprised you're cutting me off"... I wonder how many viewers changed the channel when they cut to that inaudible crap?

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.