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Blue Collar Folk

Undoubtedly, this movement has an ability to encourage and embrace diversity, perhaps from which it draws its greatest strength. After all, one of Dr. Paul's favorite sayings is, "Liberty brings people together." However, it seems as if the regular Joe is going for the likes of a pretentious populist wanna-be like Gingrich or a status-quo moral conservative like Santorum. A distinctive line needs to be drawn in the sand between the ideas of true liberty and those that attempt to hijack and refashion.

Suggestion: Poor man's politickin'

Ex: Grandfather and father--lifetime Southern democrats. Big Clinton supporters in that day. Grandfather recently retired, father recently spent everything and then some starting his own business. Both are fed up, both were open to something other than the boot of the G-man. Both are now Paul supporters.

Ex: Coworker--Navy veteran of 8 years, correctional officer for 13 years. Self-identified Tea Partier. Former passenger on the Cain Train, then hopped the Gingrich Express and quickly jumped on the Santorum Bandwagon. Five months of working side-by-side, he is now open to a noninterventionist approach to gov't--policies foreign and domestic.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."