Comment: I voted for Dr. Paul

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I voted for Dr. Paul

today in Louisiana, and was ever so proud to do so as I pushed the button on the easily manipulated electronic voting machine. I got goose bumps when I came out of the booth knowing that he will win the nomination at the chaotic convention in August. I love watching interviews of RP, he is just what we need to save us from doom. This country is headed for some bad times with a looming war so desperately wanted by the banksters, and the monetary crisis of which we are on the precipice, as Dr. Paul stated in one of the debates.

As usual his answers to the questions were great and I also would love to hear the responses from the other candidates to the same questions, as a previous commenter said. I wonder who put the young kid up to ask a typical MSM question about lagging behind in the polls and if he will drop out. Shameful.