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Comment: Fear not

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Fear not

I just got home from work and have not seen the debate. It does not sound good though.
However. We all know what kind of people We are up against. We know that they will stop at nothing to seduce the masses.
The struggle for liberty is thousands of years old. We are part of that eternal effort right now. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Right now.
I am reading the posts on here and the general aura is dark and negative. Defeat.
Don't let the the media's treatment of Ron Paul get you down. Do you think Dr. Paul is at the bar getting drunk and crying in his beer? Very unlikely.
It is easier to accept the disrespect of Mr. Paul if you expect it at all times. Then your less likely to be let down when it happens. Then you go to bat for him. For us. For you.
I can't see a sudden disapproval by a debate audience as being natural. Something is certainly up if the Honorable Ron Paul was booed.
It seems to me that a majority of the people want to be free but are afraid of the sudden loss of gravity that they think would occur with smaller government. And besides, they think they are free.
There was once a time when I wanted to write a book. I was going to call it. "Chicken poop for the soul: The futility of positive thinking and why it will never work".
I am doing much better now.
Ron Paul and the world need you to be happy and positive so as to promote liberty and attract those who seek it.
Be happy. You have a choice you know.
Ciao baby.
Go Ron Paul!

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.