Comment: I'm all for government staying out

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I'm all for government staying out

of our lives but if you think the practice will just go away then you are sadly mistaken. If you refuse they will just hire the next dummy to come along. Look at history and you will see.

Why do you think the news media is so liberally biased? Is it because conservative people don't apply? No it's because of their policies which weed out those who won't tow the liberal line. They do not have a shortage of stooges to fill positions at your local or national news organizations.

The same holds true for invasive hiring practices. If you refuse to submit they will just hire the next ignoramus applicant. The whole "let the free market decide" mantra is not relevant in these and many other cases some try to associate it with.

What I want to know is this: Some of us have not succumbed to the ignorant facebook craze. So what happens when you say "I don't have a facebook account so I don't have a password to give you?