Comment: These are NOT under 200, so

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These are NOT under 200, so

These are NOT under 200, so no - I can't just chill. It's a legitimate cause for concern.

Also, as an aside: I've seen small amounts like $50 being reported through FEC queries.

And there's more. If you look at this link:

it says:

Candidates must identify, for example, all PACs and party committees that give them contributions, and they must identify individuals who give them more than $200 in an election cycle.

So the official line is "more than $200" NOT "$200 or more". Out of curiosity - If the amount for entire election cycle is EXACTLY $200.00, campaign NOT required to report it - Correct?

A related observation based on some "less than 200" entries in FEC listings. The key wording above is "more than $200 IN AN ELECTION CYCLE". NOT "more than $200 IN A SPECIFIC CONTRIBUTION". So consider following hypothetical scenario.

Someone makes donation of exact $200 for first time ever in election cycle. It doesn't cross disclosure limit, so not reported to FEC & doesn't show in query. Next day, the same person makes a contribution of only $1. Now, "more than $200 in election cycle" is true. So that little $1 may get reported as such. This might explain why FEC queries are showing little amounts like $50 in their listings.

At this point, these are only hypotheses of mine; but pretty weird.

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