Comment: PLEASE! - Someone who really knows Robert's Rules...

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PLEASE! - Someone who really knows Robert's Rules...

Examine this video closely and determine if something illegal was done.

I just don't understand the rules well enough to know.

I mean - When the motion to vote on the slate was (supposedly) approved, (which is probably what the GOP wanted), then did that NEGATE all following motions - like the one where that guy suggested that those in attendance get delegate consideration first?

If it was done correctly, then we have no argument.

But if it wasn't, then it should NULL AND VOID all the delegates "elected."

It seems weird to me (if this was a county caucus), that it appeared they brought in names of delegates ALREADY CHOSEN EARLIER. Like WHEN and HOW?

I thought delegates to the state were selected AT the county caucuses.

What's going on here?

Unless this was some sort of after-caucus special meeting of republicans for discussion or something. I have no idea.

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