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Comment: They didn't know the rules,

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They didn't know the rules,

They didn't know the rules, that is my point, one woman even stated she didn't register to be a delegate but now decided to be added, WTF!

If they would have known the rules they would have known that it takes a 2/3 majority to end debate and call the question to which they didn't have a 2/3 majority it was 72 aye and 29 nay therefor ending debate and calling the question was incorrect, if they would have taken the time to learn roberts rules as I stated they would have been able to call a point of order and not end debate, although if we had less than 1/2 we had very little control on what would have happened at this meeting anyway.

What do the bylaws state as to how delegates are elected or selected in thois district/county? Until that question is answered crying foul is unwarranted.

We really only had 29 in lexington that support Ron Paul? That is pathetic that there weren't more supporters to support Ron at this very important meeting.