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Last Year

Prostitution was never illegal, it could hardly be illegal. The conduct that is associated with prostitution is illegal. For example earning income from prostitution.
Soliciting in a public place
Driving up and down the same strip multiple times (cruising)
Maintaining any form of safety net to support activity (bodyguards/pimps)

The ruling was that making these activities illegal jeopordizes a prostitutes constitutional right to have safety. The counter arguement is that it is the activity not the state that makes prostitution unsafe.

The hope would be that the use of brothels would reduce the likelihood of drug enslavement of females (which it won't), that it will make women safer (which it might), but the #1 benifit (I hope) is that it will allow help reduce the spread of STD's.

This ruling, being that it is unconstitutional will be upheld and prostituion will become legal nation wide in Canada.

The reality is that if you want to protect women and children from prostitution, the state will need to remove the culture that promotes their enslavement for that purpose (the drug culture). Highly profitable social networks exercise extreme pressure on members of their community to participate in a romantisized drug culture, once hooked they are enlsaved. They commit robberies, acts of violence, self depracating practices to appease their drug lords and get their fix.

Then drug trafficers fight over territory, for control of slaves within a given area. If the government legalized the narcotics, the ability to control the drug trade would be greatly reduced (since it would be available from any source) and the communal interest would be in preventing its members from engaging in decisions that impacted their health....the elimination of the profit motive changes everyones behavior.