Comment: Don't lie, just stress other important issues

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Don't lie, just stress other important issues

You can say uncommitted, and stress that you want Obama out, In our county caucus, we shouldn't have had to discuss who we supported, but neither did we want to mislead people who directly asked us either. There were 2 people in our caucus that got chosen as delegates, who stated they were uncommitted, (not from my group) but if you look also for unifying points that you know others will get behind you on, its a really good thing. In our group, the Ron Paul supporters became delegates even though they mentioned him in their comments- for example I mentioned something about upholding the traditional republican values of the party in my speech. Try to focus on things that you know will appeal to others who may not support Dr Paul, so you will get more votes. The truth is their platform is really good for the most part, its just that they don't really adhere to their own principals.