Comment: The Heroes of Atlas Shrugged

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The Heroes of Atlas Shrugged

All you people criticizing Warren and Bill need to recognize that these people have impacted your Lives in tremendously positive ways.

But you wanted more help. Awww, poor poor you!

But they give money to an organization that does one thing you disagree with, and thousands of helpful things. And they didn't take the time to go create another organization similar with that one problem fixed. You wanted more of their time. Poor poor you.

You weak spoiled little sh..s Get your act together. Take care of yourself.

Are they hypocrites? No. They don't want to pay more taxes. That is clearly their position. But rather they taking the Dagny Taggart approach that Paul has taken, they take the Shrugged approach.

A people that don't think for themselves deserves what they get. That is the message from Warren. He knows higher taxes will hurt us. So do you. But there are many who reason, a smart man said it will help, therefor it must. It is to them he is teasing.

Another wake up call - Warren wrote a Thank You letter to the Fed for the bailout money. He is trying to highlight to everyone how terrible the government is. As if to say "Look, you people are all still suffering, but they gave me, the second richest man in the world, money, your money"

Of course, he's paid so much in taxes during his Life, we Paul supporters all agree that he should get it back. All of it. And so should we.