Comment: It depends on your crowd.

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It depends on your crowd.

For me, I told them I was undecided, then I talked about how much our views aligned (in contrast to the Statist I was up against). Then I gave this speech:

I would like your vote & support to be our alternate delegate to the GOP convention in Florida.

I will support:
The candidate who best represents the people of Hot Springs County and their strong principled beliefs of honesty, integrity, individualism, & freedom.
The candidate who consistently gets A+ ratings from 2nd amendment supporting organizations.
The candidate who has the best chance to beat Obama by bringing all republicans, independents, and democrats together like Ronald Reagan did.
The candidate who was endorsed by Ronald Reagan.
The candidate who has not and never will be bought by Banksters, Unions, Lobbyists, or any other special interest group.
The candidate who supports the Bill of Rights.
The candidate who has never supported a national healthcare mandate in any way.
The candidate who doesn't believe in forcing any mandates on the American people.
The candidate who has never supported carbon tax mandates.
The candidate who will once again give us the freedom to educate our children as we see fit.
The candidate who actually will cut and balance the budget without cutting Social Security.
The candidate who doesn't believe the President should have the power to detain and assassinate American citizens without arrest, trial, or charges being filed against them.
The candidate who has never lost a congressional election.
The candidate overwhelmingly supported by our troops.
The candidate who has never compromised his beliefs by voting to give money to Planned Parenthood because he was trying to "get along".
The candidate who has taken his oath to support the Constitution seriously.
The candidate who has always been Pro Life.
The candidate who votes for what is right.
The candidate not interested in power, but rather, in fixing our problems.
The candidate who will cut regulations on small business.
The candidate who will get the Federal government out of Wyoming's Wolf issues.
The candidate who will allow people to grow, sell, and trade agricultural products as they see fit.
And finally, the candidate that will be Honest with the American people, a trait that has been missing in the oval office for quite awhile. Thank you.

Beat him by 1 vote. Not bad considering he's lived here 30 years, me - 10 months.