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Back in 2008

Back in 2008 I was advised to not talk about Ron Paul at all during my speech, and that is the only reason I got to go to Minnesota. Had the crowd known I supported Ron Paul there is 0% chance I would have made it. Instead during my speech I talked about my youth and how I would be the future of their ideas and that seemed to go over well with the generally older crowd.

In my state it was only really implied who you would have to support based on the number of openings available for each candidate. I entered as a Romney delegate but only by the fact that the openings were for Romney, so there was never really a need to deceive.

The organization within my state in 2008 was quite impressive, and with their direction as to what should/shouldn't be discussed I believe we had one of the highest percentage of RP supporters elected as delegates in the 50 states at the Convention. It was really important to get involved with as many others as possible within the caucus districts and beyond, because somebody was eventually going to know what to do. That is how we succeeded, through the broad network of knowledge, ideas and tactics shared within the group.