Comment: These numbers are no more accurate than MSNBC and Faux news!

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These numbers are no more accurate than MSNBC and Faux news!

Only in the sense that these numbers show a paltry more for Paul, are they closer to what may really be the true numbers come August! This portrayal of Mittens having a fixed number even that high, and Santorum being really in second place with so many, is bogus... as bogus as Faux News!

The true numbers will only be reflected as we approach the state conventions, as we see the dominance on the floor of state conventions for Paul, and the fights which will bring out the true corrupt nature of the party in it's fierce and fascist attempt to keep their hegemony over the nomination process, in their attempt to thwart the grassroots, liberty, and constitutional adherence!

Nice try, but you could just as well have said Paul leads 914 to 400, 300, and 45, for all that!

The reality is that Paul could be in the lead! How is this, you ask? The fact is that it only takes national convention delegates, in any one vote, exceeding half the convention floor, to win the nomination! Until that vote is cast on the second ballot, or third, we will not really know the numbers of true patriots becoming delegates for President Paul!

Neither will you see the real perfidy, and the evil beast come out of the hearts of this party, until Ron Paul comes closer and eventually takes the majority on the floor!

Only then will you see what some have been saying all along, that the party only coalesces around Neocons, globalists, and corporate fascists! Never around constitutionalists and lovers of limited government and liberty!

Then you will see them jump ship to split the party. Have you not heard of the alternate globalist supported third party in the waiting!? Gingrich and Palin will jump there to 'save the country' for Republicans, and try to pull the couch potatoes with them!

In 1912 it worked... to birth the Fed! And it was an untimely birth!

In 2012 it will not work. The people of all parties see through the fog now!

In 2013 the Fed will be euthanized!

Focus. Forget the numbers. Prepare for each and every convention fight!

By so doing, we are already on track for victory!