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Comment: Mr Buffett holds his own in buffet & bailout lines.

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Mr Buffett holds his own in buffet & bailout lines.

Why does the US government bailout billionaires?

"They bought [mortgage packages] because they were AAA..." As oft reported, they followed they own silly rules, knowing full will how they were created. the Boyz were the creators. Do you think Warren Buffett owns substantial interest in Moody's, Wells Fargo, General Re Inaurance, etc. All bailout-ees. All on the dole. Why was Warren so quick to buy dismal failures awaiting bailouts in 2007? Tax specials, discount windows? & government guarantee's? The Fed calls one of their recent programs, "Twist." Their long running progam seems more of a swindle.

Ain't no need for Mr B standing in line for buffets nor bailouts.

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