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Comment: He's a Great Teacher

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He's a Great Teacher

My hope is that he will address the People in old-fashioned fireside chats, and because he's a de-centralizer, he'll let others teach, also.

The media will be playing catch-up, and profiling him, and his family. Those who truly respect him for his principles, in Congress and elsewhere, will have no reason to keep that secret anymore, and every reason to climb on board to support him.

Further, all the resources in all the big corporations that are now being spent on trying to manipulate the government, will study the situation to see which side their bread is buttered on. They will begin to realize that he is supporting things that would be good for them, such as deregulation.

Plus, we, the Revolution, will still be here, spreading the word on why liberty works.

Ron Paul is really good at reducing fear, and calming people down (must be all those baby deliveries). I can't imagine anyone else who'd do that better. Yes, there's a risk he'll take the blame, but we know that's what he's willing to do, even voting 435 to one.

What do you think?