Comment: Sadly, I must say

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Sadly, I must say

even though I share your sentiments and hate to be a wet blanket on hopes, I seriously doubt anything will ever become of it. Why? The Dems went through the same thing. How do you think they got stuck with Obama? With Obama recently "announcing" his re-election to the Russian, I think it would be safe to say that the election has ALREADY been decided.

Given that, do I think we should give up on our efforts? Hell, no! Keep on keeping on but be sure to temper hopes with a dose of knowledge about what can happen. One thing of which I am convinced, there IS election fraud and voter fraud occuring in elections and, sadly, with the active participation of American citizens. Until we can win enough support and attention to this issue, don't expect any miracles. The same gullible, typical American voter is the same gullible, typical American voter aiding in their fraud efforts. P.S. I only call them gullible, etc. to give them SOME benefit of the doubt as to their, IMO, highly suspect moral character.