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My chickens

I don't consider my self a farmer but I have about 20 chickens that I keep here at my house. The property is 45 acres, most of it wooded. The chickens have a coop but they prefer to roost in the trees at night and lay the eggs in the coop. They are totally free range and sometimes I find eggs in strange places like the back seat of my car or in the window well. I throw those eggs away unless I know they are fresh that day. The eggs my chickens lay are much much larger then commercial eggs. A high percentage are double yokes. The yokes are more orange in color, larger, and stand up high and firm in the pan when cracked and cooked sunnyside up. They taste way better and my friends and family stop by to grab some all the time. I never tried selling them and I have to get rid of them so I give them away. My chickens live on a natural diet of bugs and plants that they find themselves. Sometimes in the winter I also feed a few organic pellets. I keep a cattle dog outside at night until the sun comes up due to foxes are everywhere around here and tend to grab the chickens at daybreak when they come down from the trees. Sometimes in the winter a fox will get bold and grab a chicken in the middle of the day. I have heard of foxes opening coops and slaughtering entire flocks that are trapped in the coops so I just let mine run free and stay in the trees. A chicken lays 1 or 2 eggs a day, as opposed to a commercial chicken fed a diet of hormone and antibiotics that will lay many more low quality commercial eggs. If you have never tried it, get yourself a few chicks this Easter and give it a go. All you need for enough eggs is about 1 chicken per person . (but you need at least two chickens - they hate to be alone)
One of the strangest things about them is that the birds of a feather flock together is true. They segregate themselves based on feather color and don't roost at night in the same tree with birds of a different color. I have black, red and white chickens so it's kind of funny to see them separate and go their different ways at sunset after hanging out together all day long. I also have a few goats that live here, that's another story.