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It's shocking....

that this is really going on throughout the country. The GOP really does operate like a govt institution (we follow the rules when it's to our advantage to do so). Does anyone doubt that, in a close caucus or primary, that the state party wouldn't find a way to sway the election- just so Ron Paul doesnt win?? Remember before the Iowa caucus, all types of Republican operatives were saying that the party would not allow Dr. Paul to win the contest.

The difference here is that these party hacks have to do their shenanigans to our face! NEVER FORGET: This isnt our party. No individual should view a political party as their own. Politics has always been messy, but within the party, most operatives clearly dont view the operation of "their party" as a public, grassroots organization for the empowerment of the people. THE GOP HATES RON PAUL because he has never played the partisan games, selling out his beliefs for leadership, trading favors and kowtowing to seniority.

Rick Santorum, in particular, is the quintessential party hack. He wraps ultra-liberal ideas in conservative rhetoric and gets away with it. The tea party was a big scam and is totally dead at this point. According to polling- these people were essentially Bush voters all along! They just became concerned about the deficit and the Constitution all of a sudden as a means of obstructing Obama. I'm ashamed to have ever considered myself a tea partier

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