Comment: I'm done with this warmongering Church

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I'm done with this warmongering Church

I will not step foot in another Trinitarian church if they desire to start a crusade. This is the most unbiblical thing they can do. We are so close to a Roman Empire it sickens me. I will not set in the sets of an audatorieum while these people feed the lions. They have anointed a leader of an Empire here folks. This is not just Rome Its a revived Holy Roman Empire. This is a direct revolation of prophacy in the Bible. The whore's little princess harlet has finally grown up to be just like her mommy. We as a people should run not walk away from this group of sick people. I am a Christian but I will not be part of these people. Judge not lest ye be Judged. They want to convert people through the law of man not in their churches. This is wrong very wrong. I urge all Christains to wake up to what is happening around you. These people are sick in the head. They stood an cheered for war. They booed any talk against another aproach. I am very sick at my stomach over this night. It is clear that huckabee is the anointed leader of the crusaders. The level of propaganda bombarding us as a people is mind blowing. The little wheezle with the charts this is so Hitler like, and a room full of hand picked people to raise their hand to make us feel like we are in a manority. They try to make the people feel like their out of step with the majority of 25 people. We have double that at or meetup groups folks. This little group of people is not even a grain of sand on all the beaches. They really think we are that stupid. It's an insult to this whole country to do this. This country is under attack by terrorist. They live right here with us. We better wake up. This is a three fold attack of economy government and religion. As another Paul once said The Fascist are coming! The Fascist are coming! The Fascist are coming!

We should all pray very hard for our country tonight guys. Our country needs it now more than ever.