Comment: I think you're missing the point of liberty...

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I think you're missing the point of liberty...

I read every post below and none of them are remotely bad. They are opinions and in the LIBERTY movement we value opinions, whether we agree or not. So someone is critical of something another puts forward and you blow an artery...seriously? To me, this is the beauty of this site and others, that people can share their opinions freely. Yes, the anonymity of the internet brings out the "best" in people sometimes, but that's the point. If you don't want to hear peoples opinions, don't run an internet's that simple!
Personally, i think the show looks great and can't wait to see it. Im not huge into anime or animation, but I like the story and the message, so I think it'll be worth it.
I appreciate the hard work and time you put into the Daily Paul Michael, but please do not allow your emotions to overrule common sense and logic. You are running a LIBERTARIAN and LIBERTY oriented site, then fly off the handle when people EXERCISE those values. It's freedom baby and it's a beautiful thing. It's the FREE market, if the makers of this show succeed and people pay or donate to their cause, then yeah for them and bravo, if not, they tried and will learn from the experience AND THE FEEDBACK.
Please don't CRITICIZE really is an oxymoron :)

It's now or never...time to hit the streets and spread the truth!