Comment: Not "The World": The Europeans.

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Not "The World": The Europeans.

Not "The World".

The Europeans. The Europeans were welcomed with open arms to The Americas.

The Native Americans had no idea of just who they had welcomed. By the time they found out it was too late.

Certainly such barbaric mindset is rejected in our time (The Americas were FAR more advanced than Europe in so many ways during The Conquest, not least in their knowledge of Mathematics and Astronomy) but justifying injustice is simply reverting to darker ages.

Blind "Patriotism" is the same as "Blind Faith".

If "Americans" truly wish to reconcile their past and move on to the future, and not just that, but learn from a Hidden Wisdom thus far denied in your history books and "school texts"...look at the Wealth of Spiritual Knowledge from The Native Americans.

Once you understand what was done to them, you will understand what is being done to ALL OF US WORLDWIDE.

Then, and only then will you truly understand.

I write this in the True Spirit of Friendship.

What was, was: No excuses.

Now is now and...time to ALL BE FRIENDS because now:



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