Comment: Hey Rand You Want Lower Gas Prices???

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Hey Rand You Want Lower Gas Prices???

Then lets start GROWING HEMP FOR OUR FUELS!!! To hell with the fossil fuels WE DONT NEED THEM!! It blows me away how few Americans really realize that there is no need for these EARTH DESTROYING fossil fuels!!! Rand should be educating the masses on the clean burning hemp fuels!! You want clean burning Ethanol/Methanol? HEMP CANT BE BEAT! You want a CLEAN BURNING BIO-DISLE?? HEMP CANT BE BEAT! yet NO ONE talks about this..To HELL with DRILL BABY about GROW BABY GROW! I promise you this...for those of you who think I'm talking crap, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Look at what Henry Ford did with the Hemp plant and come back here and tell me I'm crazy. One of thee most important reasons to elect Ron Paul as our President is this man will allow us to grow this God Send and use it to save our country. FOOD FUEL FIBER & MEDICINE. There is not one other plant on earth that can even come close to the Hemp plant for what it can do to SAVE THE WORLD. Why do you you think this non toxic God Send has been demonized world wide??? Because it is "THE TREE OF LIFE" Jesus Christ himself used the Cannabis Hemp Plant for the main ingredient in the "Anointing Oils" (research this as well) and how much "History" is there anymore in our History Books about this plant??...NONE. I would applaud Rand Paul if he had the balls to bring the truth out about this..we must get his Daddy elected..period. Rand is no Ron.

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE