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You think European culture was the only "barbaric" culture? Good Lord, please go to the library.

Europeans: slavery and endless war.
Africans: slavery and endless war.
Native Americans: scalping and happily murdering each other for no discernable reason. Don't get me started on the Mesoamerican cultures.

Also - more "advanced?" That totally explains why Europe steamrolled the Aztecs. Last time I checked, the Aztecs, Inca, and Mayans did not have telescopes. Last time I checked, they didn't have firearms. Last time I checked, they didn't have ships that could sail the vastness of the oceans. Last time I checked, they didn't have anything resembling a decent standard of living. Last time I checked, North American natives didn't even have the freaking wheel.

Look, I perfectly fine with calling out hypocrisy - let's face it, all of us are hypocrites to some degree. Slavery was the wart on early America's face. But for the love of accurate history, PLEASE stop acting like the Native Americans were "advanced" paragons of morality.