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While, I'm not sure if one

While, I'm not sure if one has to have a SSN; at some point in time one will need one. Everything nowadays requires a Photo-ID, even cashing a check issued from the bank which one is trying to cash it at; so, unless one gets paid in cash always, then one will need a SSN just to earn money -and the fact that even Fast Food places are requiring IDs to get hired- so no job for those without an ID which means one needs a SSN. One needs proof of identification to acquire assets willed to them -so acquiring a dead parents piece of property is out of the question without a SSN. One cannot get married without an SSN; so your parents couldn't leave you a piece of property in your spouse's name because you couldn't have a spouse without a SSN.

Just think, if one lost their original Birth Certificate; they couldn't even get a replacement without a SSN, unless they were young enough that their parent could apply for one for the individual.

The life of an endless wonderer is all there is, with the exception of a regular street peddler or homeless person, without a SSN one could not own any property which means that they would have to walk nearly everywhere unless they lived near public transportation; but DHS, is beginning to be insistent on photo-IDs for even a bus ticket, so pretty soon one would only be able to travel either by foot, by cab, or by hitchhiking without a SSN.

I could go on and on about how life eventually becomes impossible without a SSN; but there is no physical force involved like what the Nazis did to the Jews in the concentration camps.