Comment: To Mark or not to mark?

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To Mark or not to mark?

Do you believe what you are saying comparing Scripture with Scripture, or are you just saying what most so called evangelical Christians are taught?
There will be NO physical mark for Christians or non Christians.
You can believe the dramatic details that many hang on to and spread around but it is all fiction and misunderstanding of the book of Revelation.
No, I do not know everything in the Bible as does nobody else, but I do know that it is all spiritual language that ties into all other parts of the Bible.
It's not going to be ...will you or will you not take a chip under your skin...
It will be, do you or do you not deny the Christ of the Bible that will try one, not taking some mark. That is what will seperate belivers.....TRUE believers from the rest of humanity.
Those who serve Christ will suffer ( as we do now ) whatever comes against followers of Jesust Christ and His gospel of salvation.
All according to God's plan for us.
I do know that whatever the suffering that comes will only be for a short while compared to an eternity of glory!
Fear not Christians!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~