Comment: Does anyone see a pattern of negative posts?

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Does anyone see a pattern of negative posts?

CNN poll, Majority in GOP say Gingrich and Paul should end bids
Paul campaign condemns watchdog report alleging nepotism
Republicans in Athens allege threats from Ron Paul supporters
Ron Paul's fundraising drops from 2008
How can Romney make Ron Paul fans his buds?
Ron Paul: the incredible shrinking candidate
Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash
Ron Paul fails again to identify youtube, twitter imposters
Kelley Clarkston on Ron Paul 'I don't even endorse him
Ron Paul warming to potential vp slot

Each title is designed to demoralize us a little bit at a time, each one individually means nothing but when you look at them collectively they show a drumbeat of energy stealing, negative post. This is the frog in the boiling pot of water as it applies to politics. Don't be fooled by it.