Comment: I Guess It Wasn't an Important Issue for the Following Members:

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I Guess It Wasn't an Important Issue for the Following Members:

The American People Shoud Be Outraged. So we're the citizens who are being used as a ATM for Europe who gets all the no bid contracts. It's not important enough for these congressmen to even bother to show up. Ron Paul and the minority leader of the committee were the only ones I saw that even cared enought to show up (please correct me if I'm wrong) This is about the people's money being stolen in broad daylight. I'm definitely going to call them and ask them why they didn't show up for this unbelievably important meeting. Uh...2 year election cycle. Already behaving like insiders perhaps? If it's a schedule thing, then the republican leadership doesn't think this is important either. We have to call them on the carpet. The republicans still haven't figured it out and just aren't too sincere. If these are your reps please call them.
MAJORITY: (even if they aren't please call them!)
Ron Paul, Texas, Chairman
Walter Jones, North Carolina, Vice Chairman 202-225-3415
Frank Lucas, Oklahoma 202-225-5565
Patrick T. McHenry, North Carolina 202-225-2576
Blaine Luetkemeyer, Missouri 202-225-2956
Bill Huizenga, Michigan 202-225-4401
Nan Hayworth, New York 202-225-5441
David Schweikert, Arizona 202-225-2190
William Clay, Jr., MI, Ranking Member =(1 of 1 attendee)
Carolyn Maloney, New York 202-225-7954
Gregory Meeks, New York 202-225-3461
Al Green, Texas 202-225-7508
Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri 202-225-4535
Gary Peters, Michigan 202-225-5802