Comment: Truth is Ron Paul supporters

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Truth is Ron Paul supporters

Truth is Ron Paul supporters hate Obama's policy's more than the brainwashed neocons. If they were not so brainwashed they would see that Obama has been putting forward exactly what any main line republican would have done. Especially romney and we all know santourm will support romney as he has to play along to get along! He has no real moral convictions, except being a narcissistic racist bigot!

It really is annoying that Ron Paul gets all the hate thrown at him for what he did not say but santourm basically wishes death on gays, Muslims and blacks but gets away with it! And even gets support from the these communities for Wanting to give them freedom!

There has been massive lies taking place I don't think the Ron Paul supporters should be taking part in the lies and covet mentality! Let it be known that Ron Paul is the only way to beat Obama and win this outright! Let the campaign handle stealth delegates we should focus on gaining more direct support for Ron Paul!

Seems very counter productive this post If you ask me!