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Why you lie?

1. No one is overreacting or hysterical.

2. Being rational also means we are aware of our environment and have tools like the Inspector Geiger counter that does not lie to us about the contamination in the environment here like you do there.

3. These reactors are not failing, they have melted down! The cover up, which you seem to be part of here, is the crime like the vote machine fraud is. All being covered up well.

4. There has been a lot of contamination in the atmosphere since this happened and it is only getting WORSE and they can not continue to cover it up.

5. There has been a huge rise in thyroid related sicknesses reported on the west coast. Just because your media machine does not report it, does not mean it is not happening. Do some investigating and you will find out more than you want to know.

6. People are not "over reacting" so stuff those words down your throat, not others. You cannot over medicate yourself on kelp and sea weed. No one suggested over reacting and "over self medicating themselves" here. Again, your words, so keep them to yourself and do not try a troll trick with this real and important issue. This is an ongoing catastrophe with no answer in sight. IT IS ONLY GETTING WORSE and you and your nuklear industry are doing nothing to stop it because you can't!

7. Name a time when this happened in the past. This is the worst extinction level event to ever take place in the history of mankind. This purposely caused event as well as other accidents that have been covered up in this country, are the major reasons for all the cancer deaths and other related radiation poisoning sicknesses country wide. It is only getting worse.

8. No killer tomatoes? Nice stab at making your spew look ridiculous. I had deformed sunflowers, first to take up the contamination after the hydro/nukulear EXPLOSION on March 14, 2011 last year. Never before seen anomalies galore in our garden. Readings of over .300 uSv/hr. (normal range is .020-.080 uSv/hr) Remember when obama went to south America right after that? The plutonium spread in the jet stream and hit the entire country as the epa rad net monitors were showing before they took them all down to hide what is going on. Like you, still covering up how bad this is. It is not about panic, it is about knowledge and truth. What all Ron Paul supporters want. TRUTH!!!

9. Reliable sources like the aos and nrc? What a farce! This was your big mistake in referring to these organizations that have actively played a huge part in the cover up of this extinction level event. Only now are they stirring and admitting this is as bad as it is. Question is mr nuklear engineer, what are you doing to fix this? And how about this question: after a coronal mass ejection knocks out the grid on half the planet, how are you going to keep what, 300 nuklear plus reactors cooled with out power back up, and lack of fuel to pump waters to cool these reactors? What would you do if that happened tomorrow?

10. And last. Heck yes japan is in a heap of trouble. They have been since even before the fukushima and other reactors not reported on have melted down. Your big lie in saying "it is not an insurmountable problem" reeks with putrid evil because you know that it is out of control and nothing, absolutely NOTHING can stop the reactors that are presently melting down. NOTHING can stop the great threat that either reactor # 2 or # 4 can turn into at any time. If number four falls, that will be the final straw for the human race.

Now quit telling people that this is not a big deal and that it does not matter. If this does continue on the path it is on, it won't matter who is president, we are all gong to be toast, especially considering they will not build proper fail-safe systems for these ancient and dangerous reactors all over the world in the event a CME takes out the power grid, or an EMP is burst over the grid system to do the same damage.

***Sorry to the crew. I am really angry now because this radiation is slowly killing us all and these kinds of idiots think everything is all dandy and that it is not a problem at all. We have seen the cover up of this catastrophic ELE like the fraud in the voting machines.