Comment: Raising Taxes is Unnecessary

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Raising Taxes is Unnecessary

Actually it is not necessary to raise other taxes if property taxes are abolished in North Dakota. Even our former governor, Ed Schaefer, admitted this and called for an end to scare tactics like this. There are two ways this is true. First of all, even with the elimination of property tax revenue, there is enough existing revenue to meet all the legally imposed obligations of the state. The North Dakota Policy Council identified about $921 million of wasted spending in it's North Dakota Pork Report. Secondly, the Beacon Hill Institute (an independent group) did an econometric study on the effects of abolishing property taxes in the state. They project 10,000 new jobs created in the first year and that with the influx of business and people that the added revenue will pay for what was lost.

This constitutional amendment forces the legislature to prioritize spending. First, they must fully and properly fund K-12 education. Second, they must fully and properly fund all the legal obligations of local governments and THEY CANNOT DICTATE TO LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS HOW TO SPEND THE MONEY!!! It gives local control to local governments. These are the things they are mandated to take care of FIRST (before special interests)!

This is an awesome opportunity we have in North Dakota! However, the opposition is working hard to sink our movement with distortions, misinformation, and lies. We are in DESPERATE need of donations to fight this. Any little bit is appreciated! Please visit Help us in the fight. If passed, this will likely be a standard for other states to follow. Perhaps yours could be next!

Thank you! And God bless!