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Comment: Comments *owned*

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Comments *owned*

by Paul supporters.

I spend a fair amount of time on the NYT site and it can
get pretty lonely out there at times supporting Dr. Ron.
A fair number of posts get moderated out of existence, etc.

This lame article, though, must have set off something.. I have
never seen such an outpouring of support there for RP! (You
don't get the volume of comments on NYT that Yahoo or MSNBC
tend to generate - 500 or so is about as many as you'll ever see,
they tend to close comments fairly quickly)

Yesterday, they even had a moderately long regular news
article on the Paul campaign that was not a complete hit piece
- hard to know if there is any relationship between the two,
but it had been a while since there had been much more than
the occasional mention.

Don't know if we're talking trend here or anything, but as
much as this blog piece was negative crap, there are some
positives, to the situation, too.

Do run run, Ron!