Comment: I see a few Things that drive me nuts

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I see a few Things that drive me nuts

Hello All

I wanted to add a few things.

First I am not sure if I agree that the money bomb is worn out or not. I see it as a marketing Problem. We really need to pull 10 million + in this one so Ron Paul can Take over CA and TX with adds to counter The Romney Machine

There is one main problem I see here

1: People are not leveraging their contacts

I have put several posts up telling people with email lists to send emails out and they are not. I have signed up to about 10 of the big RP email lists and I don't think I have gotten 1 promotional email from them about the money bombs.

I have even emailed many of them and have not gotten any response.

These people are sending emails out to thousands of people every day and still no constant promotion of the money bombs.

People also need to continuously send tweets and post to places like facebook. Many people will post a link to it once and then forget about it.

If you are tweeting and Facebook posting an average of 10 posts per day, there should be at least one post about the money bomb per day. You don't want to over do it but it needs to be out there every day

This needs to be done constantly and not one post the day the money bomb is announced and then once the day of the money bomb.

Also I see tons of RP comments on articles out there filled with people who are behind RP. We need to leverage them also and post the link to the money bomb in the comments section of every article we can find.

People are busy and need to be reminded. We should pat ourselves on the back since we raise 1 million every time RP requests money but he is getting enough to stay in the race not counter Romney.

We need to put our heads together on this one and really get a good result.

IF we could get the 1 million people who voted for ron paul to put in $20 we would get 20 million, that would scare the crap out of the establishment and give RP the financing he would need like he had in the early states.

We need to overwhelm the opposition this time