Comment: Good tips for managing your Facebook visibility

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Good tips for managing your Facebook visibility

The tips on this page are originally meant for keeping your privacy from nosy recruiters but they also work for keeping it from other nosy people ;)

On the general topic of ethics, I would encourage people to stay true to your principles (isn't that what you admire in one candidate and despise in the others?) but use all the advantages that you can find. Principled doesn't have to be stupid.

For example:

Get as much practice in "finding the good points" as you can, practice it at work and with your family too. You will find it more effective than "white lies" because it comes much more naturally. Think "Aunt Marge, this sweater is really unique! it is incredible how it stands out" instead of "Aunt Marge, what a pretty fuchsia and peach sweater". Set a goal for yourself for finding at least 3 things to "praise" every day.

Practice playing dumb and answering a different question instead of giving a straight answer to what you're asked.

Practice answering with another question instead of answering what you're asked.

There are so many ways to avoid answering questions you aren't interested on answering without having to lie...