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3/19/2012 - St. Charles Caucus: Bryan Spencer admits to rigging the outcome - “Bryan Spencer, Former St. Charles County Republican Central Committeeman and Caucus Subcommittee Chairman, admits to premeditated rigging of the St. Charles County Caucus.” (1)

3/24/2012 - Securing Nomination 4 Mitt by Tricking Santorum and Newt supporters in Tacoma WA - “Alex Hayes, President of the Mainstream Republicans in WA State, tells Pierce County 2nd district delegates at the County convention that they need to vote on a slate to stop Ron Paul. It worked in several districts, but this one later shifted and Santorum's people cut a deal with Paul's people.” (1)

3/24/2012 - Estblshmnt tries to stop Ron Paul supporters from becoming delegates in MN - “Segment of video from Minnesota's Republican Senate District 49 BPOU Convention on Mar 24, 2012. This video shows the Republican Party establishment trying to close floor nominations in order to prevent Ron Paul supporters (and supporters of other candidates) from running for delegate to Congressional District and State Conventions.“ (1)

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