Comment: The criticisms are just flat wrong

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The criticisms are just flat wrong

Regardless of whether or not you think the criticisms in this thread are okay to make, constructive, or helpful, here's my response to the substance of those criticisms: they're just flat wrong. I'm a blogger and marketer for Silver Circle and at the comic conferences we've attended, we get a HUGE response and a lot of interest from non-liberty or political people who like the animation and the plot. These are comic nerdz too. They have a critical eye for animation and quality work. They love what we're doing. The movie does have mass appeal.

In fact, when I was at MegaCon in Orlando, some Pixar animators (ever heard of them?) stopped by our booth to compliment us on the work we were doing. They were actually impressed with our animation and stopped to ask questions to our director/producer. Not to be disparaging, but I'm going to give a little more weight to their feedback than to that of any commentators here. Don't take that personally, because I mean-- it's Pixar. Watching the trailer, I just don't know what critics are thinking. It looks phenomenal. The 3D animation is actually fantastic and the acting is great. I'd say in fact, that this is some of the most high quality art ever produced by the contemporary libertarian and sound money movement.

We're pioneering something here. We're taking our message out of the political and educational space and bringing it to the art space. It's not something very many libertarians have done AT ALL in the first place, and it's not something that many have done this well as of yet. This is a huge leap forward and it's only going to help raise the bar for the kind of work that our movement will produce in the future.

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