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This really is a -

No Brainer :)

All we need to do is have an -

************* END THE IRS MONEY BOMB **************

A. Get a coffee cup
B. For the next 5 weeks, put $2.00 a week in it.
C. Spend the next 5 weeks spreading the link and info.
D. Pass Go and collect $10 Million Dollars for the Doctor.
E. This could be a 3 phase money bomb (3 consecutive months).

You've got to tap into peoples emotions and give them something to get FIRED UP about.

Ron Paul Money Bomb .......... Boring :/

Ron Paul 2012 Money Bomb ..... Boring :/

END THE IRS Money Bomb ....... Exciting!

Some people want to see Ron Paul win the presidency, but "EVERYONE" wants to see the end of the IRS.

Someone can start a simple one page website with info and links to the movie "Freedom to Fascism" and some other educational movies/literature that help take those who think we need it (IRS and income tax) down a rabbit hole and open their eyes. Setup a donate button and viola!

Everyone I know would put $10.00 into the remote chance of seeing an end to the IRS. It wouldn't matter if it was Dr. Paul or Mickey Mouse running for office to them.

We've got to get creative and start getting people-

**************** EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED *******************

The End.