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The GOP is

a group of individuals that decide every 4 years what rules they want to operate by on the national level. On the state and local level, they can decide to change the rules more often than that. I'm not going to take the time to explain the history of the party, you can look that up yourself.

You and I can decide to start the "Ron Paul is the greatest guy ever Party" tomorrow. We can make up the rules. We can decide that we pick our candidate based on the average of 7 rolls of 6 dice if we want to. We can change those rules when we want. We can even break our own rules. The only recourse of members is to either take over or no longer participate in the party. There is no jurisdiction over our party by an outside entity. If you and I appoint ourselves lifelong co-dictators of that party, until we decide to appoint replacements, that is what it will be.

You have two choices. Get involved and take over your local GOP, or don't. Only one of those options will lead to change. Your choice.