Comment: China Syndrome going on now?

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China Syndrome going on now?

Looks like this is getting so bad they can not hold it back.

Pray this is not true folks.


This guy is really angry and is cussing up a storm with a lot of F-bombs so be aware of this before you play the video.

He reports what is going on there about the china syndrome that is happening. After watching this catastrophic nightmare for a year, it has done as we said it would last year. Only gotten worse. Ignorance does not make it go away.

Good news today. The reading is down to 53 CPM outside. Just more indications of the waves that keep hitting the US and if this number 2 reactor keeps getting hotter, it is going to get worse. :(

Do you know how to seal yourself indoors and are you ready to stay there for an indefinite amount of time?

Sorry if this truth hurts you or upsets you in any way. The truth has always been a terrible cross to bare and this is happening like the vote fraud because NO ONE is getting off their collective duffs and DOING anything about it.

Look at the media cover up and law enforcements lack of real duty in the soetero/obama birth certificate cover up. There is no common law any more, only corporate/admiralty tyrannous law for profit.

God created this country, and will destroy it for the sin of ignorance of the messengers truth.

One day at a time people. We are living in the last days of Pompeii.