Comment: Hi all, I recently got an

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Hi all, I recently got an

Hi all, I recently got an email from someone living in Australia in response to the chipin and he was unaware that he can contribute to the chipin as it is not a direct donation to the campaign, just wanted to let anyone that is living outside the United States that are Ron Paul supporters you can help out with this chipin as it has no direct connection to the official campaign and is being run by grassroots supporters. Anyone who chips in that is not a United States citizen their money will go to hosting and online fees to provide the internet related services which is considered exempt by the FEC. Thanks.

Internet hosting and related costs donations by foreign nationals considered volunteer exemption 11 CFR 100.74.


Although a "foreign national cannot make a campaign contribution they are allowed to serve as an uncompensated volunteer for a campaign or political party"


So in essence they are paying for internet hosting support that is covered under volunteer activity which they are allowed to participate in and which costs are exempt from being considered part of either influencing an election through a donation aka. direct donation to the campaign.