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An immigrant

A little over 10 years ago I came to the US. I'm originally from Western Europe. I was looking for a good place to develop my professional career in the Computer field and there were more US companies doing interesting work. I wasn't fleeing from oppression or poverty or anything like that, just looking for where I could find better opportunities to do good work.

I consider myself of "liberal" tendencies (liberal as 19th century classical liberalism, NOT social liberalism).

I learned about Ron Paul back in 2008 from the investment newsletters published by Agora financial.

In my home country we would go through cycles of "socialists" (social democrats) spending their way into bankrupting the country, counterbalanced by "conservatives" that would get the economy back on track. Then people would get complacent and vote the big spenders back in. My feeling in the US has been that for Democrat or Republican governments, there was little difference regarding the direction of the government spending their way into deeper debt. When I read about Ron Paul I was pleasantly surprised by his trying to turn around the US economy and proposing "uncommon" common sense policies. In my home country I was strongly anti-socialist and always looking forward to the periods when the economy got back on track. I hope Ron Paul can provide similar guidance into better days for the US. As a resident non-citizen I can not cast a ballot for anyone but I wish you the best of luck and maybe I can help in something.